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MEMBERSHIP and how to join

The Order of the Amaranth is a social and philanthropic organization basing its membership on Masonic heritage.
Historically, the Order of the Amaranth was intended to be the final degree of three, the first degree being Eastern Star, and the second, the Queen's of the South. The requirement to join the Order of the Amaranth, up until 1921, was that you must first be a member of Eastern Star. Though not required anymore, there are many of our members belonging to both Orders.
Because of the "Queenly" origin of our Order, our bodies are called Courts and our members are known as Honored Lady and Sir Knight. Our ceremonies exemplify the dignity of a Queen's Court, therefore our presiding officers are referred to as Royal Matron and Royal Patron.
Our principles and teachings are from the Holy Bible. We are reminded of our duties to God, our Country and our fellow beings. We encourage and promote the practice of TRUTH, FAITH, WISDOM and CHARITY.
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