British Columbia Past and Present Supreme Officer's


Deputy Supreme Royal Matron's & Patron's
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HL Marguerite Gussman Mizpah Court #2 Yukon
HL Betty Fennell Mizpah Court #2 Yukon
HL Clynt Pringle Mizpah Court #2 Yukon
HL Phyllis Fox Dogwood Court #3 Yukon
HL Kathy Stutt Dogwood Court #3 Yukon
HL Kerri Grant Dogwood Court #3 Yukon
HL Shari Gillies Dogwood Court #3 Yukon
HL Pat Haywood Cypress Court #5 Yukon
Past Supreme Royal Patron's
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Supreme Royal Patron SK Donald W.H. Yerxa

1983 - 1984

Supreme Royal Patron SK R. David Cook

1987 - 1988


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